Pirate Festival

Northern California Pirate Festival

Schooner Aldebaran

The Northern California Pirate Festival is a fun, lighthearted event; a great activity for the whole family featuring crafts, food and frivolity and an unmatched brand of immersive, 360-degree-entertainment. It draws its inspiration from our perpetual infatuation with pirates on the high seas, fueled by generations of books, films and popular lore and, of course, the mythical Disneyland attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Add to this the wildly popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise, and it is not surprising that the enthusiastic fan base for the Northern California Pirate Festival continues to grow, year after year!

Please visit the Official Website for a full rundown of all the activities! But… there is more to the Pirate Festival than bawdy pirate wenches, a good sea shanty and Captain Jack! Much more! Actions Past plays an active role in the Pirate Festival and brings something truly unique to the mix… reality!

Fact stranger than fiction!

The story of the Caribbean pirates of the early 18th century is completely engrossing, and, unlikely as it might seem, in many ways the historical truth is stranger than the legends.

Actions Past invites you to gain a more thorough understanding of the history of this pivotal time and gain valuable insights into why the world is the way it is today!

At the Pirate Festival, visit Government House, and the quarters of the Royal Navy. Meet the governor, his ministers, collaborators and his household. Consult with the naval officers and cheer on the Royal Navy as they conduct the King’s business of suppressing piracy in his colonies.

Sign the King's Pardon!

And... if you are ready to give up your evil ways of piracy, come see the governor and sign the King's Pardon, your last chance to keep your ill gotten gain and escape the hangman’s noose, all with the king's blessing!

At Government House, we like to say "Expulsis piratis, comercia restitua" (Pirates Expelled, Commerce Restored)