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School of the Renaissance Soldier

Soldiers on the march Soldiers on the march

The School of the Renaissance Soldier (SRS) is a historical reenactor's research institute. It is dedicated to advancing the cause of in-depth, research-based, Renaissance era, military reenactment. This is accomplished by engaging in rigorous research, analysis, and documentation of primary sources from the 16th and 17th centuries. As amateur historians, our interests focus on:

  • Military theory, strategy and innovation
  • Weapons technology, development, evolution and use
  • Battlefield commands and maneuvers
  • Drill and training techniques
  • And all matters relating to the daily lives of soldiers, officers and camp followers.

But our interests are not purely academic. We consider our efforts most successful when, going beyond words and diagrams, we can validate what we have learned by putting it into action. We are not content to write or talk about our findings. We have to experience them first hand... That is what drives us!

The School of the Renaissance Soldier also:

  • Provides a framework for learning, discussion, and research
  • Encourages and promotes a more rigorous style of historical reenactment
  • Creates an environment where members of different groups with similar interests can come together and learn from each other