Expectations for Participants

An event sponsored by the SRS cannot possibly function properly unless all participants make an active contribution to its success. This implies that all participants will actively research, construct or acquire, and bring with them to the event, all of the material goods required to engage in historical reenactment at a high level. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clothing
  • Weapons and Armour
  • Tents and camping gear
  • Cooking and eating equipment
  • Craft or trade accessories

The cost of acquiring, maintaining and transporting these items is something that all participants are expected to willingly incur. For this reason the general registration fees for SRS events are purposely kept as low as possible, in full recognition of the fact that participants have already made a significant investment of time and money in their hobby, before even arriving at the event.

It is further expected, that all participants will freely donate some of their time and energy to contribute to the success of the event. This may mean conducting a lecture, giving a demonstration, leading an exercise, teaching a class, or fully participating in camp activities. These may include the transport, setup and tear-down of community resources, cooking, digging fire pits, performing watch and ward, or other designated duties. Additionally, some participants may volunteer for, or be assigned to, specific roles, such as clerk, provost, drummer or other important positions.

Therefore, for the event to be successful, participants and organizers must freely accept these responsibilities without expectation of remuneration or special favor. A successful event is a community accomplishment. All contribute, all benefit.