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Actions Past specializes in the coordination and production of historically themed special events and reenactments. ActionsPast.com acts as a portal for participants and interested persons to learn about sponsored events and the historical context, costuming and setting for each.

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Next up: San Francisco History Days

History becomes a face-to-face experience as characters from the early days of San Francisco roam the halls of the historic Old Mint. Living history reenactors from Actions Past become the notable and the notorious denizens of San Francisco's past!

Meet Leland Stanford, Lillie Hitchcock Coit, Domingo Ghirardelli, Levi Strauss, Shanghai Kelly, Joaquin Murrieta (well.. part of him!) and many others!


This site contains high-level headings for Events, GroupsProjects and Characters (with supporting information found under Community). The first three headings provide quick access to these popular topics, but a growing amount of content will be found, organized by century, under Projects:

Our Current Emphasis

For the last ten years, we at Actions Past have invested the overwhelming amount of our time, energy and creative effort in supporting the School of the Renaissance Soldier and its annual field event “Actions of the Lowe Countries”, the ALC. This website was, in fact, originally created explicitly to support it. The ALC has been a very successful event, loved by many. As historical reenactors, however, we have always had interests well beyond 16th century military topics, some of which have been represented on this site. These are interests we are longing to explore!

In 2014 we held the tenth annual Actions of the Lowe Countries. At that time we announced to our dedicated participants, that it would be the “last regularly scheduled ALC.” We were not then, nor are we now, prepared to say that 2014 was, in fact, the final ALC. We have lived and breathed it for so long that it will always be a part of us. We can say for certainty, however, that we have, for now, shifted our focus to other projects. The updated contents presented in these pages in the coming weeks will highlight these.

Website Updates

The Actions Past website is being updated to a cleaner more modern look, so we apologize for the work in progress.

One of the biggest reasons for the update is to make the site fully “responsive.” Responsive web design (RWD) allows a website to automatically adjust to your device screen size so that the site displays just as well on your smart phone or tablet as it does on your desktop monitor. This will give you easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

The other important improvement will be the use of “Mega Menus”. These replace traditional dropdown menus with two-dimensional dropdown panels containing groups of navigation choices. Mega Menus give a clear view of multiple options at once, and can even include explanatory details. We hope you enjoy the improvements!