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About Actions Past

Who We Are

Actions Past is a special events production company, specializing in the coordination and production of historically themed special events and reenactments. In support of these activities, Actions Past acts as a historical reenactor's research institute, dedicated to advancing the cause of in-depth, research-based, historical reenactment. This is accomplished by engaging in rigorous research, analysis, and documentation of primary sources.

ActionsPast.com acts as a portal for participants and interested persons to learn about sponsored events and the historical context, costuming and setting for each, through informational pages, interactive forums and frequently updated blogs. It also serves as the home for various related guilds, troops and organizations.

In some cases, Actions Past specifically sponsors research groups intended to delve more completely into particular eras that interest us. These include:

What We Do

Actions Past stays busy throughout the year engaging in a variety of activities. In pursuit of our passion as historical reenactors, however, we find it difficult to limit our involvement to just one era. We span five centuries of history from Medieval through Renaissance; the English Civil War to the age of Caribbean pirates; the California Gold Rush and the Wild West to Victorian London. For these, our activities include research, costuming and improvisational acting, and our participation follows one of three primary modes:

Event Sponsor

Foremost among our activities is the production of special field events intended to appeal to serious reenactors. These offer an opportunity for like-minded enthusiasts to gather in a full immersion environment to experience history first-hand. Here, members can come together to learn from each other's experience. These events provide a venue in which to put into practice what we collectively, as investigators and reenactors, have learned; a laboratory to test those hypotheses and concepts suggested by our research.


  • Actions of the Lowe Countries

Event Supporter

Actions Past frequently participates in events intended to entertain and educate the public. These include fairs, festivals, parades and public exhibitions. In these cases Actions Past sponsors and organizes groups of skilled living history performers and improvisational actors, focused on the timeframe and circumstances required for the event. As with all of our activities, the emphasis is always on providing an accurate portrayal, focusing on costuming, language, and historical context. Although the goal is always to entertain while we educate, we do so in an engaging, highly interactive manner, making the learning fun!


Event Participant

Our passion for historical reeacting drives us to contribute in a participatory or supporting role to a number of other events, hosted by sister organizations. This keeps our skills and knowledge keen and current, and puts us in regular contact with a great many other reeanctors, who join with us to perform in the events which we ourselves sponsor.


How We Do It

For the production of special field events intended to appeal to serious reenactors, a very special set of circumstances apply. Please see the About SRS Events page for more information.

Thanks to a long tradition of historically themed fairs and festivals (including the world’s very first Renaissance fair), the San Francisco Bay Area is home to a great many historical reenactors and specialty actors. Through our over 30 years of involvement in this community, we have have worked with many of these people personally, and have the necessary contacts to reach out to many more.

Although Actions Past has a core group of people that routinely assist us in the coordination of events and participate in them, it is frequently necessary to assemble a specialized cast, with skills and interests appropriate to a particular event. In these cases, Actions Past recruits players and proposes a workable scenario to meet the requirements of the event hosts. We then assume the roles of producer and director to cover the logistics, set the historical stage, cast the necessary characters, research the facts necessary to tell the tale and make the magic happen!.